Friday, September 6, 2013

The Last Hurrah?

Been a while, huh?

Inasmuch as the band's been on life support since September 2012 and the KC music scene's been just as dead, I figured I'd try something else. To elaborate, the Newsroom closed its doors last year and resurrected or some weird tribute to the Missouri Tigers - Black and Gold Tavern or some other dorkass name. John Tierney's still there, but the last time I saw him he grew a white goatee and seemed happy to still have a job. He gave us his number to call for an audition (!) but Terri never called back.

It seems almost as if the zombie craze has been one of God's little jokes reminding us what the world's coming to. I drove by a boarded-up Thriftway in Raymore the other day, and kids had spraypainted in giant letters: DO NOT OPEN! DEAD INSIDE! How apropos. For sure, the walkers have taken over the music industry as well as the consumer market. I think of all the people who came up to us after Newsroom shows, telling us how great we were and how KC desperately needed a band like us. Most of them never came back. Probably had their brains eaten by zombies.

I'm semi-retired now, trying to hawk my literary wares under my Christian name. Since the biography isn't getting any bites, I'm going to post it page-by-page right here with time remaining. I'll let you know if I get a deal for it, and if I suddenly stop posting again assured Broadway Turk Superstar has passed into history.

This should be a fun read, so...stay tuned!

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