Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Broad Street Bullies?

I wonder whether someone at HBO corporate offices contemplated a form of artificial providence in coinciding the broadcast of the Flyers’ documentary with the 2009-10 NHL playoffs. Damned if they didn’t cause Flyermania to inspire the bottom-seeded Flyers to nearly win the Stanley Cup…and galvanize the Spoiler Empire in the process.

I was a kid when the Flyers last hoisted the Cup. Bobby Clarke, Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, Flyer captain Ed Van Impe…they were all featured on the “Broad Street Bullies” presentation, showing us how time had flown. Thirty-five years, who would’ve thought. It had been forty-nine years for the Black Hawks. When they interviewed Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and Company, the general consensus was that they would have savored the moment far longer. They were kids themselves, and they thought the Cups and champagne would just keep on coming. It made me think of how the Spoiler thought we were destined for superstardom and never considered otherwise. It was the height of the Punk Revolution in NYC, and we just knew we would cure the country of Disco Fever. Who would’ve thought the Music Industry and MTV would synthesize it all into New Wave and wash us all away...thirty-five years ago

Who would’ve thought.

The apostle Paul wrote that the Greeks sought wisdom as the Jews looked for miracles. Doubtlessly the Flyer Nation and the Spoiler Empire watched for signs and wonders as the Bullies clawed their way to the Finals, only to lose it on a fluke goal that seemed to symbolize their post-season. Was it real, or Memorex? Was it all a dream, or a harbinger of bigger and better things to come? Is tomorrow only just a day away?

Signs and wonders…signs and wonders.

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