Monday, May 3, 2010

No Showz?

For the first time since I started my random acts of Spoilermania, I bailed out of an open mic spot...not one, but two.

Problem was, both the Czar Bar and Crosstown Station in KCMO advertised open mics at 6 PM tonight (Monday night), and only Czar Bar was open. Unfortunately the emcee showed up a half hour late and bumped it down to 7:30. Upon finding out Crosstown hadn't even opened, I decided to call it a day (especially since I forgot to bring my tape, no benefit).

It's just symptomatic of the plague that's destroying the music scene here in KC: complacency and defeatism. The club owners are so worried about making rent that they sink their hopes on friends, family and relatives who only book amongst themselves and won't let ambitious new acts get a shot. As a result, the bookers embarrass themselves week after week and ultimately begin arriving late or no-showing until the owners pull the plug on the entire operation. Either that or they endure the cancer of hangers-on and barflies showing at their dead man walking shows until, again, they opt for the lethal injection.

I know I'm swimming against the tide but I, like the clubs, have no choice but to fight or die. If only they realize we're both in a desperate spot. Give me the chance to save you, fool, what do you have to lose that you're not going to lose anyway?

I've got Aftershock in Shawnee KS on 5/27. I may have First Friday at Crossroads on 5/7. I may have every chance I need in the next few weeks...but without the backup I need I'll ultimately have nothing. Musicians, bookers, club owners...are you out there?

The SPOILER is the need you want, the want you need. Catch it while you can...ain't no one gonna miss you when you're gone.

I know that better than anyone.

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